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Science Fair:

Workshops/Internships for teachers:

Internships for high school students

UC Summer program for high school students in math and science

Summer internships positions in Biology (Molecular and Cell), Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry open to motivated high school and college students interested in developing their scientific expertise.

Paid summer internship, must be over 16
To receive an application packet or for more information on the Life Sciences Summer Institute, please email

J. Craig Venter Institute Internship Program

Marine Physical Laboratory Internship at Scripps Institute of Oceanography

Engineering Internships

Health Services Internships
For volunteer options contact Michelle Davis at
For additional information check out

Several options to get hands on ocean science experience, check their calendar for events

San Diego County

High school spring-summer program, must be over 16

Up to $100,000 in scholarship money

Summer Volunteer (min. 2 week commitment)

San Diego Zoo

Resources for information and teaching resources on creation:

Resources for information and teaching activities on intelligent design:

Resources for information on theistic evolution:

Resources for information and teaching activities on evolutionary change:

Atheist/Theist Debates